Student Associations

Lapland UAS has all together 10 student associations. All of the associations represent their own study field. They also take care of their own students well being and arrange events.

Kemin insinööriopiskelijat Ry (engineering students)
Address: Tietokatu 1, 94600 Kemi
email: keio(at)

Phone: 046 5212376


Kemi-Tornion terveysalan opiskelijayhdistys Ry(Healthcare)
Address Meripuistokatu 26, 94101 Kemi
Phone: 045 6397716
email: ketoterve(at)

Metsäpojat Ry
Luonnonvara- ja ympäristöalan opiskelijayhdistys(forest industry students)
Address Jokiväylä 11, 96300 Rovaniemi
email: rovaniemenmetsapojat(at)


Rovaniemen sosiaali- ja terveysalojen (social and healtcare students)opiskelijayhdistys
Address Jokiväylä 11, 96300 Rovaniemi
Email: RoiSTO(at)


Rovaniemen insinööriopiskelijat (engineers)
Address Jokiväylä 11, 96300 Rovaniemi
Phone: 050 3602296
email: rovio(at)

Rovaniemen Insinööriopiskelijat RoVIO ry is one of the local member associations of The Finnish Union of Engineering Students (IOL). Our mission together with IOL is to help students to secure their rights and benefits as early as during their studies. Whether it is the matter of employment during studies, practical training, applying a job, contract of employment or payroll.

RovIO keeps up and develops engineering student culture and its traditions together with IOL and all the other local member associations.

More info about IOL (in English!):

Kemi-Tornion sosiaalialan opiskelijayhdistys Ry(social students)
Address Tietokatu 1, 94600 Kemi
Email: KetoSok(at)

Liikunnan ja vapaa-ajan koulutusalajärjestö(sport and free time students)
Osoite Hiihtomajantie 2, 96400 Rovaniemi
Email: liika(at)


Restonomiopiskelijat Rovaniemellä Ry (restorante students)
Address Viirinkankaantie 1, 96300 Rovaniemi
Phone: 040 6351264
email: retro(at)

RetRo is Rovaniemi's bachelor of hospitality management student's union, which looks after students weekday and studying challenges. RetRo consists of cabinet members, where everyone has their own area of responsibility.

Rovaniemen tradenomiopiskelijayhdistys Ry(business students in Rovaniemi)
Address Jokiväylä 11, 96300 Rovaniemi
Phone: 040 7384476
email: rotta(at)

Tornion kauppa- ja kulttuurialan opiskelijayhdistys Ry(Tornio culture and business students)
Address Kauppakatu 58, 95400 Tornio
email: tokko(at)

TOKKO ry is the student association of Culture and Business active in Tornio campus.