Our job is defined in uas law of finland

(41 § (932/2014)


In a University of applied sciences there is a student union that consists of students. The main job of a student union is to work for the benefit of students. From the side of the student union, our job is to make students to actively take part in a social environment and think critically as a citizen.

 Our special duties listed below:

1) Name student representatives in the University of applied sciences to different working areas.

2) Name student representatives in the University of applied sciences to the board of (65/1994) 9 §:n

3) Participate in the healthcare law (1326/2010) 17 § student healthcare executing of tasks in the name of (1224/2004) 13 luvun 11—14 §:ssä


The student unions have self control over themself. They are not a part of the school and they have representative to make decisions and the board to work for the goals that have been accepted by the student representatives. The rules in ROTKO have been approved by the headmaster in our school.

We are bind by the law (503/1989) unless otherwise decided.

A decision made by a student union can be taken to review their decision. If the change is not suitable for the cause it can be taken to court by the law (586/1996).  After the court order it may not be changed.

A decision made by the student union is viewed as public when the information is put into the public to see.




 Lapland UAS student unions highest power is used by the student representatives. It consists of 9-15 members. They watch out for the benefit of student by approving decisions that board members make.

The job for a representative is one year. The first meeting is held before the year starts officially in January.The official language of these meetings are Finnish.

The representatives annually choose the changing Board Members of the student union ROTKO. The representatives watch out that the board members make right decisions and that they are strategically in accordance with the good habits of a student union. They also choose the president of the representatives by themselves.

Also the representatives actively participate in the work regarding ROTKO student union.



The board consists of 6 members that are chosen by the representatives. The official working time of the board is from January-January for one year.

The work of the board consist of handling everyday situations that we come across when watching out for the student benefits.



ROTKO needs an election board that in good accordance watches out the the election of representatives is done a good manner.


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