The board is responsible of running everyday actions at student union. Board is selected by the representatives every year in December. Board operates one year from January to December. Every board member has their own sector in that they are responsible of. If you want to reach a board member you can send an e-mail to


Oona Löytänen.jpg

Oona Löytänen


Tel: 040 152 8500

 Emma Petäsnoro.jpg

Emma Petäsnoro

Sectors: Events in Rovaniemi


Joonas Pitkänen.jpg

Joonas Pitkänen

Sectors: Tutoring Rovaniemi


Leo Bastman.jpg

Leo Bastman

Sectors:  Information and communications



Dilixiati Bolati

Sectors: Business collaboration


Aarne Isometsä2.jpg

Aarne Isometsä

Vice chairman



Viivi Korhonen.jpg

Viivi Korhonen

Sectors: Events Kemi-Tornio


Noora Auer.jpg

Noora Auer

Sectors: Tutoring Kemi-Tornio

Ruonavaara Heidi.jpeg

Heidi Ruonavaara

Sectors: Sports