Lobbying for the benefit of the students is a part of our job. But what does it mean? We in ROTKO watch out in our studying enviroment that all goes well with the education of our students here in Lapland UAS. For example if you as a student have a problem with teachers or counter problems with the education in some way, please contact us and we will start to get to the bottom of cause. We know the school staff and we are able to speak to them to change things for the better. It is the benefit of everyone. We want that all our students feel good as a student in Lapland UAS

Our students have elected the members of the ROTKO representatives. These representative have elected our working group of our board members. This is the reason why ROTKO is working with the voice of the students. We are among our students as students, so we keep in touch everyday with students. Once in a while we come across some conflict when the help of ROTKO is needed. At those times do not worry, since we are there to help.

ROTKO lobbying ABC document helps you to see better what the lobbying of ROTKO is about, Also to see what ROTKO is really about.

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