Lapland UAS needs capable and active tutors and as a gratitude of trust, we as ROTKO are the ones that educate a part of our students to become tutors. These tutors co-ordinate the first year students and make them accustomed how the tutoring works. ROTKO educates every year over 100 tutors who actively keep the well being of students alive in Lapland UAS !


 Getting into being a tutor is getting to be more hard. At the same its very positive since we have willing tutors more than enough applying. Every year we interview the ones that want to become tutors but unfortunately we have to turn down some of the people. Those who advance from the next level will be put to the test and be thrown to tutor camp ! It is a weekend long trip to camp where we will educate the tutors to become ready for the next year students.The picture above is from the evening from the tutor camp where also we support having a good time.

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