Academic year or semester sticker?


   September - September  (e.g. September 2017-September 2018)

SEMESTER STICKER  (membership)

    from September to January (for example in 2017/2018)
    or   January-September (e.g. in 2018)


For University students the academic year lasts from September to September, the most frequently and, therefore our Student Union's membership lasts the same period of time. Academic year (membership) justifying the student benefits from September-September on each academic year.

New academic year stickers will go on sale in August. So if you want to have academic year membership best time to order the new student card or renew your membership is between July and early December. That case you will have valid student card between September to September.


One learning period is called semester and it is half of academic year. (autumn / spring) So if you are graduating at December you might be viser to buy only semester sticker.

If your studies starts / continues on spring semester and you do not have valid memebership, then you should order the semester membership. Because we won't have becoming academic year membership on sale before next August.
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